How It Works:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is

A1. is an online recruitment agency based worldwide.

Q2. What does do for me?

A2. Upon submitting your Application at, our recruitment team finds you the relevant clients to work with depending on your job profile submitted to us.

Q3. Is FREE to use? Will I be asked to pay upon submission?

A3. Will NEVER Ask you or anyone related to you for Money. We earn a commission when we refer you to the Client and that’s how we make our money.

Q4. Will vWFH(short for v Work From Home) call me once a client is found?

A4. Although Your Phone Number is Required, Our Primary means of contacting you will be by Email and Whatsapp. So Yes, we will not “spam call” you to apply for the job like most Job Agencies do as we have a lot of people who want the same position so PLEASE check your email and Whatsapp messages DAILY!

Q5. Who is vWFH for?

A5. vWFH is for FREELANCERS and for those Working From Home who cannot Find Continuous Work due to No Active Client and UnEmployment. If you Work from Office or If you are an Agency, Please Excuse Yourself. Our Recruitment Team scrutinizes and VERIFIES EVERY APPLICATION upon submission and Immediately Rejects it if they feel the application is not legitimate or genuine in any way. We only want to Work with those who are part/full-time working from home.

Q6. Why is Your Website Theme Black and White?

A6. The Website created is a very simple website because of the High Volume of internet traffic that hits the page daily so that the page can load quickly for Everyone.

Q7. Is My Data Safe with vWFH?

A7. Yes and No. We do not tend to share your Data with Third Party Recruiters and others without your consent. The Reason is also No is because of Internet vulnerability where hackers may try to steal the data but that’s the case for ANY WEBSITE. Obviously please do not provide us with your Bank Details in any inputs. We will not ask for it. The Only Very Sensitive Data that you enter in the form is going to be your “Phone Number”. So if you are not comfortable sharing that, as it is a required input, Please Don’t submit the Form and Choose another Recruitment Firm. The reason we ask you for such Data is only to prove that you are Legitimate and to avoid spam. We wont ask for any money or for your Resume/CV through any of our social media platforms. Be Careful of Scammers!

Q8. What happens after I submit my application?

A8. After you submit your Application, You Will See a Thank You Message at the Bottom of the Form and You will receive a “Thank You” Email. Our Recruitment Team gets to work to find Clients for you within 2 weeks. Once a Client is found we will Contact You immediately to check if you are interested. The Rest of the Details will be mentioned in the “Thank You” Email. Please Check your Spam Folder as well.